Saturday, June 9, 2007

My Stories

Sabujer Swapna
(Dream of Greens)

There was a guy name Sabuj, living in our sector. But exactly speaking, their old elegant house was there just out side of our residential colony. They still have managed to keep away the building promoters. He is now in class 9 standard of the nearby Patha Bhavan School. His name does not only mean 'green' , he really loves green and feels for the nature.

He heard from mother that, on a day of early childhood, when he was crying profusely, his mother got angry and left him alone under the 'chatim' tree inside their premises. By surprise, he forgot to cry within a minute and started playing with grass in the lawn. Watching this, his grandmother gave a wise suggestion to his mom "since your boy is so affectionate to greens, change his birth name to 'Sabuj' (green)..". From then onwards, he is known as Sabuj, Sabuj Chatterjee. His father is a Civil Engineer, working in Gammon India.

He travels in many places round the calender, but do not forget to come home at least once in a month. And that is the D-day for Sabuj. Sabuj keeps talking with his father on so many issues. This time, before father has come, he noticed that in front of their house, the road is to be widened and for that the big trees on either side s are being cut down . He become sad to see such work, he kept his agenda ready for talking to his father about the issue. So, as soon as he got chance, he asked .."father do you know how many more trees we have to cut down to make buildings, roads etc.?"

His father, with a bit of irritation, answers 'what else we can do! population is increasing rapidly. We have to arrange their primary requirements, people can't live under the trees these days'. But Subuj is not totally convinced with these words. He starts thinking..yes number of people increased quite a lot, we need house, road for them. However, it is also true that man can't live without trees..either for food or oxygen, we have to reached out to these green plants. And, he also knows, space or resources are limited. So what will happen in the end if things do not change? don't we have means to get rid of these situation? ...he takes a long breathe and an oath to do something for this.

That was a Sunday, nothing much to do. Throughout the morning Sabuj keeps contemplating the question: what is the way to make buildings as well as keep greenery? After the special lunch, a thought is just clicked- can we build a township where sky scrapers will co-exist with lots of greenery, even on the roof tops! He knows well about the Hanging Garden of Babylon. Occupied heavily with the crazy thought, he got to sleep. Suddenly, he wakes up with a loud call from his mother. He could faintly hear that mother is asking him to come up as his uncle has arrived and want him to take away for a tour. ‘Uncle’ and ‘tour’ are the enough magical words to make Sabuj jump off the bed straight way.

He is the only uncle of Sabuj, really a good companion. He is a versatile genius; a artist, a poet and a traveler at the same time. But Sabuj likes his ever curious, determined to see the end character at the most. And for this, Sabuj never left an opportunity to accompany his uncle Pranab. Just after leaving Sabuj could seem the time as morning, so he rushed to Pranab at breakfast table, after washing. At that Pranab was almost forcefully arguing with Sabuj’s mother and taking Sandwiches one by one same time. Since, Pranab already informed her about late return, she has become a bit annoyed and questioning every bit of plan of the tour. And Pranab is keeping suspense, repeatedly saying ‘Sabuj will tell you in detail, after we come back’ and assured of having adequate money in pocket. ....contd..

Friday, February 9, 2007

My questions

Development vs Conservation of natural resources: is there any middle path?

lets discuss abt the conflict between trend of development vs trend of conservation. now a day this conflict among developers or local authority and environmentalists or nature lovers has become common before commencement of any developmental project. what are the basic diffrence between these two? How this can be mitigated? can we find a middle path?

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Sabujer Swapna Weekly Quiz

Question 1.
What was the immediate reaction of Sabuj's father when he raised the issue cutting road-side trees?

Question 2. How Sabuj feels for environment?